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Old-Fashioned Discipline

Birch Rod PunishmentIn today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery, which is courtesy of online content producer Sarah Spanks Men, an adult miscreant reports to strict Governess Sarah for a thrashing with the birch. His punishment doesn’t take place immediately, however. After draping himself naked over the punishment stool, the spankee has to wait nervously while Sarah prepares his bundle of fresh switches, which the guilty party had to gather himself!

Since the birch is a relatively uncommon prop in modern F/M spanking fantasies, here’s a little historical background on the implement, courtesy of Wikipedia.

“A birch rod (often shortened to birch) is a bundle of leafless twigs bound together to form an implement for administering corporal punishment. Contrary to what the name suggests, a birch rod is not a single rod and is not necessarily made from birch twigs, but can also be made from various other strong and smooth branches of trees or shrubs, such as willow.”

“There have been differing opinions as to the utility of soaking the birch in liquid before use, but as it takes in water the weight is certainly increased without compensatory air resistance, so the impact must be greater if the applicant can use sufficient force. Traditionally, birches were soaked in brine before use, which greatly increased the weight, flexibility and strength of the twigs.”

The magnum birch bundle that Sarah employs in today’s corporal punishment fantasy looks like a pretty serious implement and is probably much too intense for most players. We’ve seen other birchy-type implements made specifically for sensation play, however, that are basically like little bundles of light, tiny canes. Used carefully, these spanking toys can create a delicious sting, with very little risk of damaging the target area.

We also have to say that we love the puritan attire Sarah wears in this F/M spanking roleplay. It’s a pretty good bet that if your governess is sporting a bonnet, she’s probably a firm believer in bare-bottom corporal discipline. Click on the button below to enjoy all the pictures in this F/M birching fantasy. Just be aware that this photo set definitely NSFW!

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