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Ms. Kimi’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

Pro Spanker Ms KimiWe consider ourselves quite lucky to have made the acquaintance of the very charming Ms. Kimi, and even more fortunate that this kind but firm lady agreed to talk with us about our favorite topic: consensual adult spanking. And did we mention that she has a lovely speaking voice? Hypnotic, really…

Ms. Kimi is a Denver-based professional disciplinarian who helps adult spanking enthusiasts explore their interest in corporal punishment play, as well as other corrective measures such as corner time, mouth soaping, line writing and, one of our personal favorites, scolding.

Ms. Kimi is 5’ 9” tall, with brown eyes and striking red hair, and is quite adept at making full-grown humans feel just like naughty scamps and lasses. In additional to giving her clients the rosy-red bottoms they deserve, Miss Kimi is also a spanking video producer and performer; a spanking party organizer; spanking blogger; paddle retailer and the webmistress of her own delightful website, SpanketySpank.com.

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a professional spanker, but have been simply too nervous to take the plunge, Ms. Kimi’s candid interview may provide some much-needed reassurance. Just listen to her soothing voice and imagine what it would be like to find yourself draped across her lap, getting the punishment you so richly deserve. Enticing thought, isn’t it?

Our thanks to Ms. Kimi for sharing her insights on consensual adult spanking play. To learn more about this wonderful disciplinarian and her many spanking ventures, just click on the button below.

Ms. Kimi’s Website
Spankety Spank