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Spanking Paddle Talk with Ms. Kimi

In today’s video, professional disciplinarian Ms. Kimi examines a small collection of wooden paddles and speculates how she might use them during consensual adult spanking play. (If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out Ms. Kimi’s delightful blog at SpanketySpank)

The implements include a traditional school-type paddle, perfect for fantasies involving a strict female professor and an errant college boy in need of old-fashioned correction. Large enough to cover both bottom cheeks and weighty enough to bite through the seat of a young man’s jeans, the paddle is sure to make even big lads grimace as they yelp, “Thank you Ma’am! May I have another?”

Next there’s an unusual long-handled wooden implement with a small, circular impact area. While probably not suitable for over-the-knee spanking play, it appears ideal for applying precise, stinging smacks from a distance, particularly if the willing recipient is bent over a chair or face-down on a bed with pillows under his hips.

We suppose it’s possible that a non-spanko might mistake the third implement as a piece of sports equipment from an obscure paddle-ball game, but even the most vanilla of observers should discern its true purpose at a glance. Roughly the size of a ping-pong paddle and filled with beveled holes, it was clearly engineered with spanking in mind.

The fourth and final paddle resembles a rustic hairbrush without the bristles. Long, thick, hard and mean, it might be appropriate if someone’s in the mood for an authentic domestic discipline scenario. Consenting male bottoms should be careful what they ask for however. Fantasizing about a real OTK paddle spanking and actually getting one for the first time can be something of a shock. It’s usually best to ease into such things.

Our thanks again to Ms. Kimi for visiting the Strict Wives studio and chatting with us about F/M spanking and other diversions. If you’re looking for an experienced and compassionate disciplinarian in the Denver area, who can be exceptionally strict when the situation requires, check out her website by clicking the button below.

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