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Monster Paddle Punishment

Her Big Spanking PaddleWhile the wooden paddle in today’s free F/M Spanking Gallery is indeed exceptionally large, it’s actually nowhere near as gargantuan as the photo might lead one to believe.

Nor is Sarah of Sarah Spanks Men some type of corporal punishment superhero, wielding a mystical paddle that only she can lift. (Though that concept might make for an interesting F/M spanking video.)

The paddle in question merely appears supersized thanks to some unintentional forced perspective, as Sarah’s upswing brings the board momentarily closer to the camera. It’s just another good, old-fashioned optical illusion that in this case happily makes for a very intriguing Femdom spanking photo.

Don’t get us wrong, though. It’s still a beast of a paddle, and no doubt makes a memorable impression on any bare male backsides unfortunate enough to feel its wrath.

From the looks of it, Sarah’s board of correction easily covers both of her spankee’s naughty cheeks, with plenty of surface area to spare. With a formidable implement like this, Sarah could probably paddle two miscreant males at the same time, if they were properly lined up side by side.

Here’s what Sarah herself has to say about today’s gallery, featuring her big paddle and a incorrigible male with self-control issues:

“He wants to try my pain aversion therapy,” she says. “I agree it may help him, so I make him bend over for a painful spanking and paddling on his bare bottom. I have a new and very heavy oak paddle and I decide that this may be needed to drive home the lesson he needs to learn. Now he is a big guy, but I soon had him yelling out in pain as my monster paddle struck home.”

Click on the button below if you’d like to see Sara employing the largest paddle we’ve seen in a while. Just be aware that the photo set features bare-bottom F/M spanking and as such is definitely NSFW. Depending on where you work, of course.

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