Spanking Drawings

Wife Caning Husband Art

A prominent spanking video performer and published author of several spanking erotica paperbacks once shared with us that while she loved the afterglow of having been caned, she hated the ordeal of actually receiving a caning.

However, she added, if said caning wasn’t administered with the requisite amount of authenticity, then she simply wasn’t able to achieve the state of post-caning bliss that she so greatly desired. In short, she had to hate the caning first if she wanted to relish the experience afterwards.

This might sound a bit perplexing to all the sensual spankers out there who are perfectly satisfied with a little light slappity-slap in the bedroom but aren’t really into the more intensive types of play. To many hardcore corporal punishment enthusiasts however, the love/hate relationship with getting it good makes perfect sense, as long as the spanking/strapping/caning is administered safely and within clearly agreed-upon parameters.

Which brings us to today’s original F/M caning comic strip illustrating the stages of an adult F/M domestic discipline scenario in four panels. The story begins with a young husband preparing to receive cane strokes from his stern, seriously dressed and apparently quite enthusiastic spouse.

While her hubby waits in delightful anticipation, no doubt edged with a bit of fear, the lady of the house rears back and applies the first stroke with loving conviction, determined to give her partner’s bottom exactly what it needs.

The bite of the first stroke seems to catch our hero by surprise, which we’ll assume means it was administered by an experienced disciplinarian, who knew how to strike her target accurately, with just the right amount of force to make an impression and give the entire scenario a delicious feeling of authenticity.

In the final panel, our well-caned leading man reclines at his wife’s feet with a rather serene smile on his face, which we’ll interpret to mean that he’s more than content with his wife’s disciplinary aptitude and attitude. As for her part, the lady of the house seems quite ready to assume the role of she who must be obeyed.