House of Discipline

Maintenance Spanking Time

Lina Spanks MenWhile viewing this delightful action photo from F/M spanking video producer Lina’s House of Discipline, we couldn’t help but wonder, “Are the fish enjoying the show as much as we are?” Perhaps not, but we hope it was a curious distraction for them at least. (Just don’t try to bite that big worm, my finny friends.)

Today’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery is entitled A Regular Spanking Will Help You Behave, which is certainly true for many adult spanking enthusiasts. For some guys, it wouldn’t be overstating things to a call their desire to be spanked a compelling need. If he doesn’t get his butt warmed on on a regular basis, it’s not uncommon for the male spankee to become increasingly sassy or grumpy until the lady in charge decides to adjust his attitude the hard way.

Now why go through all that fuss when regular and consensual maintenance spankings can, for the most part, keep a male bottom contented and on his best behavior?

Miss Lina certainly seems to be taking the preemptive approach, as she bends her male supplicant over her lap for an old-fashioned hand spanking. Then it’s on to the main event as the chastised young man finds himself pressed up against the aquarium glass with his trousers and shorts down around his ankles, while Miss Lina takes a paddle to his blushing bare cheeks.

How considerate of Miss Lina to give the lad a cushioned stool to kneel upon, though coincidentally it does limit his mobility somewhat. At one point Miss Lina even grabs a fistful of her spankee’s shirt and pins his back with her elbow, allowing her to apply unimpeded swats to the target area.

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