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Lady Boss Spanking Scene

Amy Hunter Spanks HimA lazy male office worker receives a rare reprieve at the hands of Miss Amy Hunter. The young man learns that he may be given a second chance to redeem himself, if he submits to Miss Hunter’s rather unorthodox demands.

Femme Fatale Films presents this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery and video clip, featuring the talented and beautiful disciplinarian Amy Hunter. It’s a workplace spanking fantasy where Miss Hunter uses traditional methods of corporal punishment to motivate an underperforming office boy in her employ. And what better way for her to begin the lad’s training than by giving him a traditional OTK spanking.

With trousers around his ankles, Miss Hunter’s underling finds himself bottoms up across her lap, with only thin underpants to protect him from the rain of stinging slaps. However, it’s not long before even that minimal level protection is removed.

Shucking his underwear down briskly, Miss Hunter pulls the mortified spankee back over her thighs and smacks his now-bare bottom cheeks with her seasoned hand and, worse yet, the flat of an antique brush.

Showing her penchant for traditional British discipline, Miss Hunter next introduces the young man to the sensation of a leather tawse striking his upturned palms, the intensity of which makes his knees buckle slightly. Then over the desk he goes so that Amy can use the tawse across his naked posterior as well.

Afterwards, Miss Hunter makes her penitent worker press his nose against the wall, with bottom bare, so that she can admire his punished buns and thighs while she takes an important phone call.

Additional punishments and humiliations follow, but as those venture further into Femdom territory than we typically care to go, we won’t describe them in full detail. Suffice it to say that if the chastised young man wishes to keep his job, he’ll be paying much more attention to his superior’s feet than was initially outlined in his job description.

To view the full gallery and promotional clip from this F/M spanking fantasy, click on the button below. Be warned however that this scene does feature levels of male nudity and female domination which some viewers may not be comfortable with. Please take that into consideration before you click!

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