KJ’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

While KJ and her husband greatly enjoy casual adult F/M spanking play, they’ve also mutually agreed to engage in a lifestyle domestic discipline relationship, where KJ’s fortunate hubby gets spanked whenever he breaks an agreed-upon rule or shirks his assigned chores.

In this delightful F/M spanking interview — archived in our Secret Library — KJ shares how 24/7 domestic discipline works in her marriage and also how F/M spanking in general brings her and her husband closer together.

Here are a few quotes from KJ covering some of her thoughts on consensual adult F/M spanking and the domestic discipline lifestyle. You can listen to KJ talk about these subjects at length in her own words in our Secret Library. Just be aware that while this is a very civilized discussion, the topics covered are definitely NSFW.

“In my mind a domestic discipline relationship is one where both parties agree what the rules are and what the role of each partner is going to be. That can evolve, all the way through the relationship, on a daily basis.”

“One of the spankable offenses in my household is not getting chores done. My husband has chores like doing dishes, taking care of the dog and that kind of thing. He’s also responsible for making sure the bills get paid on time. And if those things don’t happen, then he’s in trouble and we deal with that.”

“In my relationship a real spanking is no-nonsense. It’s not playful at all. It’s like: You’re in trouble. Get over here. That’s the end of it. We’re not discussing it. With playful spankings, there’s more of a give and take. It’s more just fun and playful, and it connects us.”

“One of the phrases that my husband really enjoys when I say it to him is, You’re cruising for a bruising. That’s usually when it’s a playful spanking.”