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Kitchen F/M Spanking Play

Wooden Spoon SpankingIf you can’t take excessive heat to your seat, do try not to misbehave in the kitchen, where your lady-in-charge has access to a veritable arsenal of spank-friendly cooking implements.

As no-nonsense women have demonstrated throughout the ages, wooden spoons, spatulas, rice paddles and other culinary tools can be wonderfully effective at administering on-the-spot domestic discipline. Men who try to steal cookies or drink milk straight from the container may quickly find themselves bent over the sink or kitchen table, receiving a pair of hot-cross buns.

In this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery entitled She Who Must Be Obeyed, disciplinarian Nina Birch, of Femdom content producer The English Mansion, raises a long-handled wooden spoon high in preparation for chastising her naughty male companion, the old-fashioned way.

Looking elegant, voluptuous and fierce in her purple dress and pearls, Nina applies the spoon firmly to the seat of her supplicant’s suit trousers, and then even more intensely to his snug, white underpants. Given the length of her implement, Ms. Birch can no doubt generate tremendous speed at the business end of her spoon, resulting in a wicked sting when it connects with its intended target. Luckily for the gent on the receiving end, at least he has a little fabric between the biting wood and his tender flesh.

To ensure the message is properly driven home, Ms. Birch punctuates this punishment session with whacks from a nifty hole-filled wooden paddle, which no double performs some other function in the kitchen. We do hope she makes the spanking recipient properly wash every implement used on him and then replace them respectfully in the proper drawers.

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