Katherine’s F/M Spanking Play Interview, Part II

In the second half of her two-part interview, Katherine talks about the types of dialogue that she likes to use before and during F/M spanking play, and also offers her thoughts on why so many otherwise “normal” adults fantasize about spanking.

Here are a few tasty tidbits from Part II of Katherine’s F/M Spanking Play Interview, now archived in the Strict Wives Secret Library.

“The language that goes along with a spanking can be really exhilarating. Once in a while I like to sort of warn him, when we’re out in a public place, if I think that he’s getting into a mood. I’ll say something like: Do we need to talk about this when we get home?”

“I think that talking during spanking is really important. I think it helps to remind him why he’s getting spanked, and that’s both what he did wrong to deserve a spanking and also that I care about him and that I’m not just doing it because I’m mean. So I think that the language I use would best be described as a mixture of scolding and also reassuring.”

“It’s hard to figure out why so many people like spanking play. I think that because it comes from our domestic life it feels very non-threatening, as opposed to some other kinds of kinky play. I think it’s also linked to a need that a lot of people just have. To have structure and discipline in your life is a pretty normal thing to want.”