Femme Fatale Caning

Headmistress Corrects Him

Headmistress Canes MenThe stunning and very traditional Headmistress Eleise de Lacy is not at all amused by a young man’s inclination to doodle in his college classes. Assigning the miscreant lines is simply not a sufficient penalty, she decides, so corporal punishment is administered, beginning with a humiliating over-the-knee spanking and reinforced by a good, hard caning on the lad’s virgin bottom.

“Is this the first time you’ve been called in to see the headmistress?” Miss Eleise de Lacy asks him, just before the corporal punishment begins. “You’ll find that I’m a good deal stronger than I look.”

Today’s F/M spanking and caning video clip and photo gallery comes to us courtesy of Femdom content producer Femme Fatale Films and is enticingly entitled Headmistress Correction.

It’s probably unnecessary to point out that if a college administrator in charge of discipline looked like Miss Eleise de Lacy, there would be an endless line of purposely naughty lads stretched along the hallway to her office door, just waiting for the kiss of the Headmistress’ rattan cane. Not a very good deterrent to misbehavior, if you ask us!

As we’ve mentioned before, Femme Fatale Films produces very high-quality Femdom content, though much of it is geared toward the serious BDSM crowd rather than domestic discipline purists. There are dozens of great corporal punishment scenes on the company’s website however, so if you don’t mind disciplinarians clad in leather and vinyl, as well as more domestic attire, then you’ll probably really enjoy the studio’s website. The dominant ladies are quite lovely and the production values are top notch.

Click on the button below to view the free photo gallery and video clip from the F/M spanking and caning film Headmistress Correction, wherein an inattentive college boy gets his attitude soundly adjusted by a gorgeous blonde disciplinarian. Let that be a lesson to you, young man!

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