Gigi Spanks Her Tenant

Gigi Allens Spanks HimIf the penalty for late rent was a spanking across landlord Gigi Allens’ enticing lap, we sincerely doubt that any of her male tenants (or the female ones for that matter) would pay on time.

In this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from video producer Clare Spanks Men, the tall, blonde and beautiful Miss Allens plays a no-nonsense property owner who is showing her house to several potential buyers. Her lazy tenant Josh is under strict orders to clean his room so it’s presentable when people come to inspect the home.

Gigi towers over Josh, so when the lowly slacker fails to tidy up as instructed, the stunning Amazon simply puts him across her knee for a firm hand spanking and some extra painful whacks with a wooden paddle. That should provide the proper motivation!

This is a very photogenic domestic spanking fantasy featuring a tall and attractive female disciplinarian and a somewhat smaller male bottom. The spanking begins on the seat of the spankee’s jeans, proceeds to warming his white underpants and finishes with smacks applied directly to the skin of his blushing bottom cheeks.

Though Gigi Allens might be better known these days as an adult film star, this lovely lady has serious fetish credentials, including working as a dominant in a commercial dungeon in Sydney, Australia. Also, she stands roughly 5’ 10” in her bare feet and about 6’ 4” in heels, which makes Gigi quite imposing when playing an angry disciplinarian, especially when she’s holding a spanking paddle with her arms crossed.

Click on the button below to view the free F/M spanking photos from Gigi Allens Spanks Her Tenant, featuring a long-legged and athletic Australian beauty who knows exactly how to put a man over her lap. There’s nothing too shocking in this photo set, other than old-fashioned bare-bottom discipline. Still, please be aware of the minor male nudity before you click.

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