Gigi Allens Spanking Men

Standing 5’ 10” in her bare feet and an imposing 6’ 4” in heels, Australian adult film actress, former dungeon staffer and accomplished spanking model Gigi Allens makes quite the imposing disciplinarian. In addition to her physical stature, Gigi has an intimidating gaze and a authoritative, take-no-prisoners attitude. Plus she seems pretty darn comfortable wielding a wooden brush.

And let’s not forget her intoxicating accent. What heterosexual male spankee wouldn’t want to be righteously scolded by this towering Australian bombshell? Ponder that question while enjoying Gigi’s photos in the following free F/M spanking galleries.

F/M Spanking Gallery 1: Tough boss Gigi Allens has already had to spank her employee Josh for his lack of efficiency, but his performance still doesn’t meet her expectations. The tall beauty puts her much shorter male subordinate across her knee for a hard spanking with her hand, a paddle and her trusty hairbrush. She warms his underpants first, after lowering his trousers (how humiliating), but soon decides to apply punishment directly to her underling’s naked butt cheeks. After being soundly spanked by his dominant boss and her hard wooden implements, the hapless employee will no doubt redouble his efforts in the workplace. That is, if he ever plans to sit down comfortably again.

F/M Spanking Gallery 2: Talented makeup artist Gigi Allens is tired of indulging the whims of her spoiled diva boss and putting up with his frequent tantrums. She decides to take matters into her own hands by putting the petulant rascal right over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand and wooden bath brush. Hopefully feeling the sting of a sturdy wooden implement smacking his upturned backside will teach the bratty man-child some manners. Otherwise he’ll find himself staring at the floor again while Gigi sets his bottom on fire.

F/M Spanking Gallery 3: The tall and stunning Gigi Allens is back as an investment property owner courting potential buyers. Unfortunately, her current tenant hasn’t cleaned up the house as he was instructed. Finding the lazy male asleep in bed while the house is a mess, Gigi performs a sneak attach on his bottom with her trusty wooden spoon. (That’s one sure way to wake him up!) Gigi proceeds to spank her tenant thoroughly with the flat of her hand and the spoon, teaching him the hard way that he’d better follow orders. Or else!

F/M Spanking Gallery 4: Long-limbed Gigi Allens is attending a coed volleyball camp, where she doesn’t tolerate male athletes hitting on the female players. She doesn’t have any patience for slackers either. Wearing a tight-fitting athletic outfit, Gigi puts a particularly egregious male offender over her lap for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle, all the while lecturing him with her sexy Australian accent. We don’t know if a bare-bottom paddling will improve the young man’s volleyball skills, but it should certainly keep him on his best behavior.

We hope you enjoy this cornucopia of Gigi Allens goodness, courtesy of longtime F/M spanking content producer Clare Spanks Men. The company has our eternal gratitude for putting a paddle in the hands of this kinky Australian import.

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