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F/M Spanking Witnesses

What’s better than a good, hard CFNM spanking and paddling session? A righteous male butt beating that’s witnessed by two adorable bisexual girlfriends, who just happen to enjoy spanking play themselves.

What’s better still? Watching these two delightful young spankos each grab a paddle and join in on the F/M spanking action.

It’s time to tip our hats once again to the producers at the Real Spankings Network, who’ve done a fantastic job over the years recruiting a galaxy of lovely and charming female spankees to appear on the network’s various corporal punishment websites.

We further applaud the producers for enticing a number of these sexy spanking models to explore their more-dominant inclinations. More than a few of the girls have participated in shoots for the F/M corporal punishment site Women Spanking Men, either as wide-eyed and smiling witnesses or as newly-minted female Tops dishing out discipline to the website’s oh-so-fortunate male spankees.

In today’s classic F/M Spanking Gallery, kinky lovers Clair and Jasmine, stars of the adult website Bi-Spanking, make a crossover appearance at Women Spanking Men, where they watch with obvious glee as Miss Betty Blaze spanks and paddles a naked adult male.

Then under Betty’s guidance, the spanko girlfriends go from bemused observers to active participants. Arming themselves with leather paddles, Claire and Jasmine each take turns swatting the male spankee’s marked and swollen bottom, before Miss Blaze steps back in with a rather fearsome wooden paddle and delivers the final blistering strokes. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

If you’re a fan of witnessed F/M spanking scenes, or if the thought of having two giggling young women watching you get punished makes you squirm a bit in your seat, then click on the button below to check out today’s classic F/M spanking gallery, featuring the very endearing Claire and Jasmine of Bi-Spanking.

Just be aware, the featured F/M spanking session is a bit on the severe side, so don’t proceed if you’re squeamish about viewing a well-marked male bottom.

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