Spanking Drawings

F/M Spanking Therapy

Nurse SpanksWhoever first said that laughter is the best medicine probably wasn’t an F/M spanking enthusiast. If he or she was, then that wise person might have commented that while laughter is indeed wonderful, few things reduce stress, enhance intimacy and promote general wellbeing quite like a firm and thorough bare-bottom spanking.

Think about some of the elements inherent in well-orchestrated F/M spanking play. First, it’s an exercise in trust between the spanker and the spankee that involves both parties revealing some of their deepest desires. The spanking recipient, in particular, is allowed the rare opportunity to let his guard down and just be himself, without fear of being judged or embarrassed. That alone has got to be an enormous relief!

Second there are really delightful benefits that come from the physical contact and the empathy between spanker and spankee, especially when the scene involves an extended OTK hand spanking. The skin-on-skin contact, coupled with the unspoken communication between the two play partners as they react to each other’s signals, can be quite a powerful, connecting experience.

Then there are those wonderful, feel-good chemicals, the endorphins, which are released by the sting of a well-administered spanking. The effects of this natural high can range from a mild feeling of relaxation and wellbeing; to a giddy state of euphoria; to a deep, almost trancelike state that some players refer to as “sub-space.” It goes without saying that spankers should take exceptional care if their play partner starts becoming overwhelmed with bliss.

And finally, F/M spanking play is a very effective, all-natural sleep aid. Many a stressed-out male has slipped into a deep, peaceful slumber shortly after getting his bottom righteously spanked. Whether it’s the endorphins, the intimate connection with a like-minded soul, or just the relief of not having to suppress such a deeply rooted desire, there’s something about a warm, red bottom that can send its owner blissfully off to the land of Nod.