F/M Spanking Talk: Razor Strop

We asked four charming and lovely adult spanking experts to give us their opinions about an extremely thick and heavy vintage razor strop. We also asked them to offer some thoughts on how they might use such a monster during adult spanking play.

Here are just a few of their comments on the role of razor strops in F/M spanking games. To hear everything the ladies had to say about this very traditional corporal punishment tool, just check out the free video presentation above.

“This is one of those things that has kind of a history behind it. There are spanking toys that are just toys, but this is like a real punishment implement.”

“So this is a razor strop. It’s a pretty hefty one. This is pretty thick leather, so I think this would definitely pack a punch.”

“Razor strops are really traditional, which I really like. You don’t find them in too many homes anymore, but they are a lot of fun if you can get your hands on one. They are similar to a leather belt, but much thicker. Pretty thuddy in comparison, so they have a different effect.”

“I think this would have to be used for real discipline, because it’s heavy like this. And it would have to be a serious offense. Maybe a second offense. If a regular spanking didn’t get through to him, then maybe I’d have to use something like this.”

“I feel like this would get him to tears pretty quickly, because it’s so thick.”

We were a little surprised to learn that even though all of our interview subjects agreed that the strop was a severe spanking implement, they all seemed perfectly willing to use it on an adult male bottom if the situation warranted. So let that serve as a warning to all you naughty spankees out there.

Listen in on the conversation at the Strict Wives Secret Library.