Spanking Drawings

F/M Spanking Partners

She Spanks Men HardIn today’s original piece of F/M spanking art, a young male spankee slowly lowers his jeans and underpants, while his beautiful, rubenesque disciplinarian looks on with obvious delight, her hands gently cradling a rather serious looking wooden paddle.

In F/M spanking culture, especially at the large regional spanking parties, any female emitting a strong disciplinarian vibe is going to make the male spankees shiver. However, there is something especially appealing about a big, beautiful woman with a spacious, comfy lap and impressively sized arms. The type of powerful lady who could hold a scamp firmly in place while she paints his caboose a brilliant shade of red.

One of the many marvelous things about adult F/M spanking play is that it can be enjoyed by consenting enthusiasts of all legal ages, body types, backgrounds and sexual orientations. As long as all participants in a scene have the requisite spanking chemistry, that’s all that really matters.

F/M spanking play can be part of a wider sexual and/or BDSM relationship between lovers or it can simply be a casual activity shared by two likeminded people who are just out for a little kinky fun. Spanking play partners can be the same age or have decades of separation between them. They can have similar body types or completely different physiques. Spanking enthusiasts can even play with partners who have entirely different sexual persuasions, and still have a fantastic time.

We have, at numerous spanking events, watched petite young ladies enthusiastically beating the tar out of kinky old gentlemen. We’ve also observed virile young guys following lovely mature disciplinarians around like adoring puppy dogs. And we’ve seen disabled individuals of both genders getting their spank on right along with everyone else.

You could say that spanking play is the great connector. It brings the full spectrum of humanity together for everyone’s mutual enjoyment.