F/M Spanking Implements

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more committed spanking enthusiast than the whip-smart and lovely lady known as KJ. She’s also something of a connoisseur when it comes to adult spanking toys.

When KJ visited the studio recently to take part in our spanking interview audio series (her interview will be posted in the next few weeks) and our F/M Spanking Talk video series (two installments of which are already posted) we also asked her to brandish a few CP toys for the camera, just for grins.

Among the lucky spanking implements you’ll see sharing screen time with KJ is a perforated wooden teardrop paddle, which would be ideal for vigorous cheek-to-cheek action if ever there’s an especially naughty male draped across her lap.

KJ also perused the studio’s collection of rattan canes, which stand ready to correct cheeky men who’ve earned themselves six, or 12 or even 24 of the best. After all, there’s nothing quite like a well-striped bottom to keep a boyfriend or husband on his best behavior.

“This is a very thin, very stingy little wooden paddle,” KJ said, while examining an exotic hardwood implement. Slapping the paddle lightly into her palm, she added “I think you could get a much longer swing, and more of an impact, with this long handle.”

KJ also modeled a novelty souvenir paddle which probably is too light for actual F/M spanking play, but certainly could embarrass a male spankee if it was displayed prominently in the home.

“These hurt a lot worse than they look,” KJ said of a rug-beater-type rattan implement, which has never whacked a carpet, but has made quite an impression on several bare male bottoms. “They don’t typically leave too many welts,” she said, “but they definitely leave a really big sting.”

Our thanks to KJ for participating in the whimsical video above, which we call Spanking Implements on Parade. You’ll see more of this wonderful lady in upcoming F/M Spanking Talk videos and you’ll also hear her discuss consensual adult spanking in her own audio interview, which will be published on StrictWives.com in the near future.

Clare Fonda Pass