F/M Spanker Gigi Allens

Gigi Allens Femdom SpankingTall, strong and beautiful Australian model Gigi Allens plays a no-nonsense lady boss in this NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Clare Spanks Men.

Miss Allens offers her underperforming male worker a choice: either hit the road or submit to her special brand of one-on-one efficiency training. Since this is an F/M spanking fantasy, the training, of course, consists of old-fashioned, over-the-knee discipline while Gigi lectures her embarrassed employee about the merits of working harder and faster.

The spanking begins innocently enough, with Miss Allens pulling her underling across her lap so that she can briskly slap the seat of his trousers. The hapless spankee isn’t let off so easily though. Soon he’s back on his feet while Gigi unbuckles his belt and shucks his pants down to his knees.

Back over the lady’s thighs he goes, so that the angry blonde can warm the seat of his striped underpants with the flat of her hand. But even that tiny layer of protection and dignity is soon stripped away, and Miss Allens’ trainee feels the wrath of her hard palm smacking his upturned bare behind.

After a firm and thorough spanking, the properly chastised worker is allowed to his pants up and return to his labors. He could file an official complaint about his employer’s unorthodox training methods, but who would believe him? Plus, imagine the shame of admitting that he’d been spanked on the bare by his gorgeous lady boss.

Gigi Allens makes an ideal fantasy spanker in her tight, black skirt and barely-buttoned white blouse. We have no doubt that some of her male employees would purposely incur Gigi’s wrath, hoping to be sentenced to firm-handed punishment across her lap.

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