F/M Spanker Audrey Knight


In this glorious NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Clare Spanks Men, multitalented CP star Audrey Knight plays a “spanking mercenary hired to take care of family freeloader Tom Byron with her hand, hairbrush, strap and sexy little accent.”

Ms. Knight is a perfect example of how switches often make the strictest spankers. Maybe it’s because switches fully understand the bottom’s desire to relinquish control. Maybe it’s because switches have been on the receiving end of most implements, so they’re confident in spanking hard without fearing that it’s too hard.

At any rate, Audrey knows her way around a spanking implement, which in this case is a large, stiff, wood-handled strap. The business end of this beast is so thick and rigid that it probably qualifies as a paddle.

Audrey Knight Spanks HardMay we comment briefly on Ms. Knight’s flattering and functional attire? The spaghetti straps on her snug-fitting top not only showcase her wonderfully toned shoulders, they also allow for a full range of motion when she raises her arm to apply a might swat.

After bending Tom over the table for a good walloping, Audrey sends him off to the corner for some mid-spanking reflection, and perhaps to let any numbness in his butt cheeks fade, so that the target area is nice and tender for the next phase of his punishment.

Round two of Tom’s ordeal involves bending over Audrey’s lap for an old-fashioned, bare-bottom hairbrush spanking. Well, the implement is actually a long bath brush, which is typically worse for the spankee but much more effective for the wielder, due to its long handle and heftier weight.

Under normal circumstances, a fellow might enjoy being draped across Audrey Knight’s firm thighs and cute, little Daisy Duke shorts. Unfortunately, the recipient of a wooden brush spanking is usually focused on just one thing: excruciating discomfort where they sit!

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