Office Spanking Fantasy

Clare Fonda SpanksIn this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from video producer Clare Spanks Men, a snarky computer technician receives a firm lesson in customer service when gets a little too cheeky with no-nonsense client, Clare Fonda.

Clare is completely dissatisfied with her nerd-for-hire’s productivity and attitude, and since this is a workplace spanking fantasy, she decides to deal with the little punk’s failings the old-fashioned way. Informing the young man that she’s had more than enough of his lip, Clare bends him across her lap and proceeds to slap the seat of his jeans.

Of course, why should the little punk’s bottom benefit from so much protection? Unbuckling the lad’s belt, Clare tugs his pants down to his ankles, then turns him back over her knee so she can continue smacking his tight little buns, now sheathed only in underwear.

That would be sufficient humiliation for most young men. Once the spanking is well underway however, the mortified nerd finds his shame magnified 100-fold as Clare bares his bottom completely and applies her seasoned palm directly to his pink and tender butt cheeks. How embarrassing!

All too soon though, the young man’s physical and emotional discomfort is replaced with the fear of serious, imminent discipline as Clare breaks out her wooden hairbrush, letting the lad have a good look at the implement before she brings it down firmly on his already stinging backside.

Clare Fonda is quite fetching, as usual, in her businesslike skirt, blouse and glasses. Applying her hairbrush with gusto, she reminds the ill-behaved scamp that he’s never too old to receive a refresher course in good manners and proper work ethic.

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