Hairbrush Spanking Time

Hairbrush Spanking Session

If you’ve watched our disciplinarian interview video entitled F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush, you may recall one of our featured spankers commenting that “A lot of guys fantasize about the hairbrush, but when I start using it, they don’t like it very much.”

Indeed it’s the effectiveness of the flat wooden hairbrush as a spanking implement, coupled with the fact that it was so commonly used for domestic discipline even up until a few decades ago, that gives the brush such a powerful mystique in the world of consensual adult spanking play.

Or to put it another way, the reason some male spanking enthusiasts fetishize the wooden hairbrush is because it really makes them feel spanked. Even a petite woman can deliver a very memorable spanking session when armed with a proper hairbrush, or even better, a medium-length wooden bath brush, to give her a bit more leverage.

Also, a brush with a flat striking surface and a nice handle for gripping is just about perfect for delivering an over-the-knee spanking. Belts, canes and school paddles usually require the naughty male to assume some sort of standing or prone position for discipline. But the hairbrush, however, just loves to chastise a man while he’s draped obediently across his lady’s thighs.

It goes without saying though that not every male F/M spanking enthusiast is going to enjoy an actual hairbrush spanking, no matter how much he might fantasize about them. Some things are just better left to the imagination. However that doesn’t mean that a mischievous lady can’t threaten her man with a good hairbrushing once in a while, just to watch his reaction.

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