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F/M Domestic Discipline Tutor

Wife Spanking Her Husband RedIn this free F/M Spanking Gallery from Femdom content producer The English Mansion, a newly-hitched young couple participates in a very special form of marriage counseling. To promote marital harmony, they hire a professional disciplinarian to initiate them both in the fine art of traditional F/M domestic discipline.

The session begins with the disciplinarian, Miss Jessica Wood, taking the young hubby across her lap for a good, old-fashioned hand spanking. Judging by the coloration of his bare bottom cheeks afterwards, Miss Wood doesn’t hold back one bit.

Then it’s the wife’s turn to spank her spouse’s tenderized backside, using both her hand and a slipper-shaped leather paddle. This spanking takes place under the watchful eye of Miss Wood, who offers both encouragement and advice on proper technique.

Finally Jessica and her female client bend the very well-spanked husband over and then, positioning themselves on each side of his glowing bare behind, remind the young man very clearly about his place in his wife’s household.

This is a fun F/M domestic discipline fantasy, featuring two lovely female spankers and a variety of implements. It also has the added element of witnessed spankings, where the male spankee is punished bare bottom by one woman while the other dominant lady watches in approval nearby.

Online content producer The English Mansion is probably best known for it’s Dominatrix videos and photo sets, but it also produces some very elegant F/M domestic discipline scenes, like the one described here. The studio also has corporal punishment scenes which sort of straddle both worlds, such as judicial caning fantasies set in dungeon or modern prison environments.

Click on the button below to view the full photo set from today’s two-on-one F/M domestic discipline fantasy, featuring OTK hand spanking, slippering (with a leather paddle) and a double F/M thrashing with riding crops. There’s nothing too shocking, but still please be aware that the gallery contains kinky activities and minor male nudity.

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