Vixen Ladies

F/M Corporal Punishment Play

Nina Birch Femdom CaningLegendary disciplinarian and corporal punishment connoisseur Nina Birch stars in this cheeky and NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Vixen Ladies, in which she corrects a male underling through the use of hand spanking, paddling and traditional English caning.

Strict and beautiful Nina is perfect as a take-charge corporate dynamo who maintains order with her iron will and strong right arm. Plus, she looks simply smashing in her sexy business attire.

When a male subordinate is summoned to Nina’s office for a reprimand, he knows his backside is about to pay a hefty price for his failings. After a brief, pre-punishment lecture, his slacks and briefs are lowered, and the offender finds himself draped over Nina’s lap for a very traditional hand spanking.

The preliminary discipline is followed by a right good smacking with Nina’s large leather paddle, the business end of which is wide enough to make even big lads feel like they’ve been properly spanked. Of course the worst is yet to come. Miss Birch has yet to employ her cane!

It must certainly be mortifying for him, standing in Miss Birch’s presence, naked from the waist down, while she flexes a fearsome rattan cane right before his eyes. With hands atop his head, the miscreant of the day must stand perfectly still while Nina whips the cane firmly into his unprotected flanks. Oh, the agony! Oh, the shame!

What if his co-workers can hear the terrifying sound of the cane cutting through the air before landing – thwack – across his naked buns? What if they can discern his pitiful yelps? How will he endure their knowing smirks and chuckles later, as he struggles to sit comfortably in his office chair? Of course, all that humiliation is part of his punishment.

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