Spanking Drawings

F/M Caning Comic Strip

Wife Caning Husband ComicToday’s original piece of F/M spanking art doesn’t have any word bubbles, but we think we can discern the storyline anyway. It seems like the classic tale of a professional young man who regularly requires firm-handed guidance from his better half.

Apparently there’s no pipe and slippers waiting for this guy when he arrives home from work. Instead he’s greeted by his authoritarian young wife, who’s waiting in the living room with fists on her hips. (That’s never a good sign.)

Grabbing her hubby firmly by his arm and his ear, the lady in charge escorts him, none too gently, over to the back of the sectional sofa and suggests that it would be in his best interest if he were to bend over it. Immediately and without complaint.

Pants down and legs trembling, the humbled husband complies. Apparently he’s more frightened of his spouse than of what she’s about to do with her crook-handled cane.

She who must be obeyed then takes her time calmly and rationally explaining her husband’s most recent infraction, punctuating each of her talking points with a firmly administered cane stroke across his bare behind. Her hubby cries out from the pain of each thwack, but wisely he does not break position.

After her husband’s bottom is suitably striped and his contrition seems genuine, only then does the head of the household allow her spouse to rise and begin his post-punishment dance in the living room.

This is obviously a work of F/M spanking fiction, but it’s not uncommon for spanko couples to enjoy having a little CP playtime when one partner or the other comes home from work. If a male spankee knows there’s a brush, strap or cane waiting for him as soon as he walks in the door, it can make for a very anxious and somewhat squirmy evening commute!