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Hairbrush Birthday SpankingWe firmly believe that a rosy red bottom is the very best gift that a discipline-minded lady can give her adult male spankee on his birthday. Not only is the traditional birthday spanking a wonderfully appropriate way to commemorate the recipient’s emergence from the womb, it’s also an excellent opportunity to readdress any major infractions that the birthday boy might have committed during the previous year!

In the F/M spanking video entitled 6 Beatings in 6 Days, French-Canadian disciplinarian Miss Mallory takes full advantage of her spankee’s upcoming birthday by giving him a good hiding every afternoon for six days straight. Each celebratory thrashing gets progressively harder as Mallory employs paddles, hairbrushes, switches, straps, flyswatters, belts and even a bullwhip to make the spankee’s special day as memorable as possible.

FM Birthday BeatingMallory wears a different outfit in each scene, including colorful blouses, skirt, dresses, jeans and even lingerie. As an extra special treat for the birthday boy, she even administers one of his whippings while topless. Oh what a lucky man! Though if his thrashings were indeed administered over the course of six days, we do hope that he took the seventh off to let his poor punished backside recuperate.

Even though the spankings, strappings and paddlings in this video are quite authentic in their intensity, the tone of this F/M spanking film is fun and lighthearted. There’s great chemistry between the two performers and it’s obvious that they both really enjoy corporal punishment play. Miss Mallory is a very enthusiastic disciplinarian and the male spankee has an incredible tolerance for getting his butt walloped.

6 Beatings in 6 Days is presented by Femdom spanking film producer Syren Productions. You can click on the button below to learn more about this particular video and also enjoy a free preview clip, or click on the Syren Productions banner below that to learn about the studio’s many other F/M spanking films.

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