English Governess Caning Clips

We’re very pleased to present the following trio of kinky treats for all you fans of strict, traditional English discipline. Just click on the photos or links below to enjoy three full-length Femdom caning scenes, featuring a trinity of stunning disciplinarians — looking quite fierce in their blouses, skirts and heels — thrashing some very deserving male bottoms with whippy rattan canes.

These complimentary canings are generously provided by the very elegant and stern F/M corporal punishment site The English Governess.

English Governess Video #1: What’s the penalty for stealing the school’s punishment book, which contains the complete record of every student’s various offenses and sanctions? A good dose of corporal punishment of course, administered by a very strict miss. “Your name will be going in this book, yet again!” she tells the bare-bottomed culprit, while brandishing a crook-handled cane.

English Governess Video #2: “Naughty boys will be punished,” proclaims the red-headed headmistress, before dealing with a petty criminal who foolishly stole cigarettes from his teacher. Feebly lying about the offense only compounds his predicament, and makes his hot-tempered disciplinarian all the more vexed. Fortunately, she can vent her displeasure by thrashing his blushing bare backside.

English Governess Video #3: “I’m going to teach you a lesson today,” she tells the confessed panty thief. “You’re to have a cold caning, straight across your bare bottom, with however many strokes I see fit to give you.” Perhaps after such a harsh application of the rod, the well-striped wrongdoer will think twice before pilfering another pair of lacy knickers.

We hope your enjoyed this complimentary collection of F/M caning scenes, courtesy of The English Governess. Be sure to visit the website’s wonderful free preview area to see more beautiful disciplinarians administering correction the old-fashioned way.

The English Governess