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Double Hairbrush F/M Spanking

Domestic Hairbrush SpankingWe doubt we’ll ever tire of classic F/M domestic discipline scenes, like OTK hairbrush spankings administered by strict retro housewives. At the same time however, it’s great fun to watch a legendary disciplinarian like Miss Lina put her personal spin on such a traditional spanking fantasy.

In this free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from CP content producer Lina’s House of Discipline, Miss Lina has summoned an errant young man to the bedroom, where she’s waiting with two wooden hairbrushes and an oval spanking paddle.

Miss Lina is looking very domestic in her floral print dress and retro heels, but also quite determined, with a serious look in her eyes and an arsenal of spanking implements arranged next to her.

Rather than turn the miscreant across her lap as one might expect, Miss Lina makes him kneel on the bed, with his bottom in the air and his head pressed into the mattress. Then she lowers his boxer shorts and smacks his bare heiny vigorously with both the flat of her hand and her large black spanking paddle.

Now comes the really interesting part. Directing her spankee to lie prone on the bed, Miss Lina straddles his back, pinning him in place for corporal discipline. Than she proceeds to spank his blushing bottom cheeks with not one, but two wooden hairbrushes. One in each hand!

No doubt the double hairbrush spanking stings terribly, but even if the recipient wanted to escape, he’s pretty well immobilized underneath Miss Lina. Better for him to just take his punishment, rather than struggle and incur even more of his spanker’s wrath!

This is a very entertaining F/M spanking fantasy, featuring both a lovely female disciplinarian and a lively two-fisted hairbrushing. Now that’s what we can percussion play! Click on the button below to enjoy the full F/M spanking photo set, courtesy of Lina’s House of Discipline.

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