Spanking Drawings

Dormitory F/M Spanking Art

strict-wives-femdom-spanking-artAlong with a penchant for looking up the word “spanking” in the dictionary, corporal punishment fetishists who grew up in the pre-internet era often recall having the feeling of “being the only one,” not realizing that there were literally millions of other closeted spankos all over the globe.

Fast forward a few decades to the hyper-connected and, dare we say it, more sexually enlightened society that we live in today, and spank-curious adults can readily explore a digital cosmos of spanking blogs, forums and dating sites, as well attend a plethora of real-world national and local spanking events.

No wonder then that so many young adult spankos today are cheerfully enjoying themselves at spanking parties and in their private lives, having skipped the years of internal struggle and cautious exploration that many of their predecessors engaged in. And good for them, we cheer. Gather ye kinky rosebuds while ye may.

Taking this progression to the next logical step, we can only assume that there’s a Tinder-style app for spankos in development somewhere, meaning that in the near future geographically convenient spanking play partners or (life partners) might only be a swipe away.

Which brings us to today’s original piece of F/M spanking art, featuring a no-nonsense coed giving her college boyfriend some much needed dorm-room discipline at the end of her pink lollipop crop. Perhaps it’s just a maintenance spanking to keep him tuned up for the week or maybe he’s not living up to his potential. Either way, sitting on a sore, red bottom should help him focus in class.

While we can’t know for sure, we assume and hope that today’s red-blooded college-age spankos are diving in and (responsibly) enjoying all the joys that a little kink can bring to the bedroom. It sure beats spending the evening playing beer pong.