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Domestic F/M Caning Play

Sarah Femdom Caning PunishmentSomeone told us years ago that one of the reasons caning become so prevalent in Great Britain was that the empire was importing rattan from India back in the colonial days, so lengths of cane were readily available for thrashing British bottoms. We can’t confirm that theory, but it sounds logical.

Combine easy access to rattan with the sanctioned use of corporal punishment in both private and state-run institutions of learning, and it’s little surprise that generations of British men grew up fetishizing the cane. One wonders if interest in caning will fade over time, now that the lads attending English boarding schools are no longer being caned, or if the idea is so ingrained in British culture that it will simply carry on under it’s own steam.

With that in mind, today’s free NSFW F/M Caning Gallery comes to us from F/M spanking content producer Sarah Spanks Men, and features Sarah herself administering a traditional, bare-bottom thrashing in what appears to be a quite comfortable English home.

Here’s what Sarah has to say about this very domestic British caning fantasy: “James has been sent to see me by his wife Amanda. I have already punished him but she is not satisfied that he has learnt his lesson. She wants me to cane him and to cane him very hard.

“I chose two very different canes from my vast selection: a thin whippy one which I start with and a very heavy short cane that has maximum impact. I can tell you that by the time I finished with James, he was looking very sorry for himself.”

We realize that caning isn’t everyone’s cup of English Breakfast, but if you enjoy F/M domestic discipline scenes from both sides of the pond, this tasty photo set may well put an eel in your codpiece.

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