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UK Disciplinarian Miss Jessica Wood

We’re very pleased to showcase the work of UK disciplinarian Miss Jessica Wood, who has produced an astounding number of full-length F/M spanking and caning videos over the years, ranging from domestic and school scenarios to some very intriguing corporal punishment games.

To learn a bit more about this beautiful, charming and sadistic lady, read her short interview below. Then click on the media player above to watch Miss Jessica Wood using old-fashioned methods to put ill-behaved men in their rightful place.

Greetings Jessica. For the uninitiated, please tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Miss Jessica Wood and I’m a professional dominatrix/fetish model. So I see people for private sessions and also model for films and photos.

miss-jessica-wood-sandal-spankingHow did you get into the discipline and domination profession?

I was doing fetish modeling and in 2002 a corporal punishment website contacted me to do a spanking shoot for them. I thought it sounded interesting as I’ve always had a dominant side to me, so I thought I’d give it a go. I went up there and it was brilliant. They thought I was a natural at it, had really good aim and a presence that came across well. Then it all snowballed massively and I got my own website in 2006 and here I am still today! The reason I love it so much is because I get to be how I am naturally: dominant and bossy! It’s incredibly fun and I’m quite sadistic, so I love hurting people!

What are some of your favorite disciplinarian roles/activities?

I adore caning! I love the sound of the swish in the air and the resulting stripes on the bottom. To be able to do a hard, accurate caning takes a lot of skill, but thankfully I have had a lot of practice so am extremely good at it. See my videos for evidence! In regards to roles, headmistress or office boss are favorites of mine. I almost wish I had been born years ago and been a teacher!

Please tell us a little about your website and members area. What sorts of goodies do your subscribers have access to?

miss-jessica-wood-slipperingMy website showcases all about me and what I do, where I session. (I reside in Watford, Herts, but regularly travel to Glasgow, Leeds & Birmingham for sessions.) I also do a lot of double domme sessions that you can find out about on there too.

In the members area of my website you will find currently 395 videos and 10 old archive videos (from when I first started out). Videos have been shot in HD since beginning of 2012. I also have some photos of me in action from various websites (not updated regularly though). I update videos every Friday and they are mostly CP based, but one a month is either facesitting or ballbusting to add a little variety.

Do you sometimes recruit other strict ladies for double-discipline videos?

Oh yes! When I can! I try to have at least one double domination video up a month. Ladies I have shot with include Mistress Whiplash, The Hunteress, Goddess Miss Kelly, Mistress Ava Black, Miss Amy Hunter, Mistress Annalieza, Miss Dawn and I’m soon to be shooting with Miss Sarah Jessica.

miss-jessica-wood-caningYou seem to have a great rapport with your male performers. Are they having as much fun as it seems? (Even though you’re beating them?)

Definitely! I love my shoot days and so do my guys!  My cameraman actually commented one day that he’s never seen so many male performers come back time and time again.  That’s because I treat them well, have a laugh and feed them! In between shoots they get to chat and hang out with the other guys so it’s like a mini spanking club where they get to talk about things they don’t normally get to.

Thank you for your time Jessica. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am looking for a few more models for my site as I had a couple retire from the scene, but you have to be able to shoot on Fridays. So get in touch if you want to be involved! Oh and you can follow me on Twitter @MissJessicaWood for all the latest news and photos. Or click on the button below to visit my website.

Miss Jessica Wood’s Website