Disciplinarian in Lace

When we look up the word fetish in our giant dictionary at home (yes, we still have one), the primary definition of the word refers to a primitive sacred object, figurine or talisman that is thought to be imbued with magical powers or inhabited by some type of spirit.

The second definition refers to an obsessive course of action or an excessive reverence for certain objects. For instance, “He had a fetish for buying the latest smart phone each year, even though he knew his wife would spank him for it.”

The third definition of fetish in our weighty lexicon refers to the atypical sexualization of an object, body part or activity that isn’t normally associated with adult human intimacy.

We won’t paint all spanking enthusiasts with the same brush, but for many lifelong spankos, it certainly seems as if their interest in spanking and domestic discipline is hardwired into their sexuality circuits, even if some of the activities they enjoy may not appear all that erotic, especially to casual spankers more interested in light play. (And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.)

Which brings us to today’s short video entitled Disciplinarian in Lace (now available in our Secret Library), which features traditional domestic discipline implements – the brush, the belt and the strop – being modeled provocatively by a lovely lady in lacy lingerie. That’s the wonderful thing about adult F/M spanking play. It’s pretty easy to combine spanking fetish elements with more mainstream images of sensuality and create something that’s stimulating on a variety of levels.

As we’ve said before, we have absolutely nothing against leather-clad Mistresses or dungeon-based corporal punishment scenes. If that’s what makes all participants happy and no one is really injured in the process, then more power to them. Let that freak flag fly.

For whatever reason though, we prefer the more domestic side of the corporal punishment spectrum. That doesn’t mean that a hairbrush spanking at home is going to be any less intense than a flogging in the dungeon. The activity is just flavored with more lace than leather.