Disciplinarian Glamour

It’s no secret that semi-kinky pursuits such as spanking and bedroom bondage have gradually shifted from being borderline taboo activities to just titillatingly naughty in the eyes of the general population, making them juicy fodder for mainstream books, magazines, movies and even primetime television.

We can’t count the number of times we’ve seen photographs of famous models and actresses who are dressed as either whip-wielding dominants or tightly-buttoned school teachers brandishing yardsticks or other traditional implements of correction. We have to assume that the general public is responding favorably to these fringe-culture references, otherwise the media gods wouldn’t keep churning them out.

Somewhere along the line, BDSM became cool instead of frightening. When Femdom is openly used to sell pistachios and Mini Coopers, it’s safe to assume the culture police are no longer concerned about it.

So the upshot is, even if they’re not entirely sure why they like it, it’s clear that a large swath of the population finds the sight of an authoritative woman in form-fitting attire quite stimulating. And if one of her fashion accessories happens to be a cane, paddle, hairbrush or whip, well that just makes the image all the more appealing, for some reason.

Which brings us to today’s video featuring adult spanking aficionado and glamour model Devon in a just slightly kinky fetish/pinup photo shoot. Devon channels her inner disciplinarian for us while posing with a variety of corporal punishment toys, and she looks simply smashing doing it.

Since Devon is a big fan of school paddling fantasies, we even coaxed her into sharing some of her thoughts on paddles and their use in consensual adult spanking play. (Not that any of you would be interested in that!)

Our thanks to Dev for modeling with us and being such a doll in general. We’re please to say that we’ll be showcasing this lovely spanko in future posts. So stay tuned.

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