Strict Teachers Cane

Deputy Headmistress Elise

Headmistress with CaneFor those among you who have ever harbored impure fantasies about seductive school administrators brandishing canes, we’re pleased to present three free photo galleries featuring the alluring Miss Elise, newly appointed Deputy Headmistress at the notorious St Mackenzie’s all-girl college.

Described by some as England’s most unruly institute of learning, St Mackenzie’s only half-heartedly attempts to educate the young women in its charge. As a result, the school’s uninhibited undergrads get themselves into all sorts of naughty misadventures in the academy classrooms, stairwells, dormitories and pretty much everywhere else on campus.

Sexy Teacher with CaneWhile the teachers and administrators at St Mackenzie’s do occasionally discipline the worst offenders, more often than not they’re too busy indulging in their own escapades, which include stripping on school grounds, seducing busty coeds or inappropriately teasing the young men who sneak in from nearby schools.

As the following photo galleries prove, the academy’s Deputy Headmistress Miss Elise is certainly no paragon of virtue!

Photo Gallery 1: “Miss Elise is the most feared teacher at St Mackenzie’s. She makes you feel like you are misbehaving even if you’re not. As she stares at you over the top of her glasses and flexes her cane you know she would not be afraid to use it if you dare step out of line. So as you watch her strip remember what will happen if she catches you looking!”

Photo Gallery 2: “Miss Elise’s promotion is official and she is now Deputy Headmistress. She has taken this promotion very seriously and will be using it to try and increase discipline. You can see her fondling her cane as she strips off her tight little suit revealing her black pantyhose, and then strips off her sexy lingerie leaving her naked with hose round her ankles.”

Sexy Woman with CanePhoto Gallery 3: “Deputy Headmistress Elise had planned to turn in early with a good book, but she misplaced her reading glasses. After heading back to the office in her skimpy night dress, she finally finds them, but then gets distracted by her cane. She simply cannot resist playing with it and proceeds to slip her night dress down and her panties off!”

We hope you enjoy this kinky tribute to a very sexy deputy head and the school cane she might fetishize just a little too much. Sadly there are no actual bare-bottom thrashings administered in any of these photo sets, so you’ll just have to rely on your fertile imaginations to complete that part of the narrative.

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