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Our good friend and renowned disciplinarian Dana Specht has helped large numbers of adult men and women explore their personal spanking fantasies over the years. During her influential tenure as a spanker extraordinaire, Dana has also produced a considerable amount of really fantastic original spanking content for Her Website.

Dana Specht SpankingWhile Dana’s more recent spanking videos and her wonderful photo libraries are located prominently in her website’s main members’ area, there’s also a vast amount of classic domestic discipline material tucked away in the site’s Archive section. These hidden gems include digital clips from many of Dana’s famous VHS spanking movies, as well as other treasures, like her wonderful Postcards from Dana series of POV spanking discussions, threats and scoldings.

As Dana explains, the Postcards from Dana videos were a way for her to stay connected with her many subscribers while she was on summer hiatus. “Since I go away for the summer and don’t have access to a computer, I thought: How can I send messages to all my loyal customers while I’m away? I know! I’ll send them postcards.

“So before I left I made a bunch of solo video clips addressing all kinds of spanking topics such as how to apply the cane or why I never hurt my hand when I spank. Sometimes I would talk directly to the camera, scolding my naughty adult boys or girls, reminding them to obey the rules and to behave all summer.”

We’ve known Dana for years and we’re big fans of these classic POV videos. So with Dana’s gracious permission, we are proud to present this short video sampler featuring just a few tasty morsels from the Postcards from Dana series.

If you’re a fan of classic F/M spankings, POV scoldings, mouth soaping and related domestic discipline activities, we think its well worth delving into the extensive content archives at Dana’s Website. For more information, just click on the button below.

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