Dana Specht Disciplinarian

Dana’s Downhome Discipline


Professional disciplinarian and Webmistress Dana Specht plays an angry aunt who secures her college-boy nephew in place with a tight leg lock, allowing her to give his backside a very severe spanking with the dreaded short Spencer paddle. (Ask anyone who has experienced it. That nasty little plywood paddle with holes really STINGS!)

This pants-down paddling is just one small part of the action featured in the hard-hitting domestic F/M spanking drama entitled Downhome Discipline. Check out the official video description below, while admiring Dana’s awesome spanking techniques.


“Bart plays a college student home for the summer who has just been expelled from school. His plan is to transfer schools and not inform his aunt Dana. When Bart finds out that his aunt Dana has already been informed of his expulsion, he knows the type of discipline his aunt will administer.

“Aunt Dana sternly lectures Bart about his misdeeds and informs him that a good dose of corporal punishment is in order. Dana makes Bart lie across her lap for a long hand spanking for starters, before making him lie across the bed for an intense strapping and paddling. Still not satisfied with Bart’s attitude, Dana puts Bart back across her knee for a good taste of her hairbrush. Dana is one of the best at lecturing while she is giving a hard spanking.”

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned F/M spanking, strapping, hairbrushing and paddling, click on the button below to learn more about Downhome Discipline and watch a free preview clip. This 50-minute domestic discipline extravaganza features the oh-so-strict Dana Specht at her butt-blistering best.

Video Preview
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