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Corporate Corporal Punishment

Femdom SpankingSwedish disciplinarian Miss Lina reminds us why workplace punishment fantasies are so popular among connoisseurs of adult F/M spanking play. There’s just something irresistible about a sexy and dominant lady boss who has no compunction about pulling down a subordinate’s trousers, turning him across her lap and slapping his bare behind until it’s rosy red and stinging.

In today’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from content producer Lina’s House of Discipline, Miss Lina not only chastises her male employee with a traditional OTK spanking, she also bends him over a chair for swats with two different paddles, and then completes his punishment with strokes from her rattan cane.

At the end of his corporal discipline session, the well-punished worker grabs his naked bottom with both hands, in a somewhat undignified effort to mitigate his post spanking discomfort. We hope that his duties for the rest of the day don’t require a lot of sitting down.

Just like F/M spanking fantasies that take place in the home setting, workplace spanking games also invert old-fashioned notions about the male/female power dynamic, putting all control in the hands of a dominant woman in charge. A notable difference, however, is that office spanking play has the added element of taking place in an imaginary semi-public setting, where smirking co-workers could possibly be listening in as the spankee gets his bare-bottomed comeuppance.

And of course once the lovely lady boss has finished thrashing her employee, there’s always the chance of inappropriate office fraternization, as the well-spanked male offers to redeem himself in any way possible. “Please Ma’am, I’ll do anything to save my job. Just anything!”

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