F/M College Spanking Fantasy

FM Hairbrush Spanking FantasyWhile many domestic F/M spanking fantasies take place in the home environment, an imaginary classroom setting is also a very popular backdrop for consensual spanking games, particularly those involving more institutional-type corporal punishments.

Playing the role of a no-nonsense lady professor or angry administrator provides a spanko wife or girlfriend with ample excuse to discipline her naughty college boy. And what male bottom doesn’t appreciate a sexy, authoritative woman in professional attire?

In this NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Clare Spanks Men, an incorrigible college lad is caught spying on a bevy of beautiful coeds changing in the lock room. Since punishment should fit the crime, the young man receives a bare-bottom spanking from class instructor Miss Fonda, right in front of the aggrieved parties.

The college girls are even more delighted when Miss Fonda breaks out an old-fashioned school paddle and then bends the mortified young man over her desk for some serious corporal discipline. If he thought his instructor’s hand was hard, it’s nothing compared to her board of education.

Just when the punished peeper thinks his ordeal may be over, in walks administrator Lana Miller, who decides to get in a few licks with the paddle herself. Then, just to make sure the perpetrator has really learned his lesson, she bends the lad across her knee for a traditional hairbrush spanking.

This is a rather atypical example of a college spanking fantasy, since most discipline enthusiasts don’t have access to a real classroom or a cast of kinky supporting characters. For spanking roleplayers on a budget, we recommend buying a used school desk or chalkboard at your local flea market and then let imagination fill in the rest. Once your man is bent over and feeling the sting of your paddle, strap or cane on his bare behind, that’s all he’ll be focused on anyway.

Click on the button below to view the full photo gallery from this big-budget F/M spanking scene, featuring hand spanking, paddling and hairbrushing. Just be aware that bare-bottom spankings are, by definition, administered on the bare bottom, so don’t be shocked if you see a well-spanked male butt in some of the pictures.

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