Coed Spanks Tutor Fantasy

Strict Blonde Spanks MenJudging by the continuing popularity of naughty adult schoolgirl costumes on any given Halloween, it’s safe to say that the wayward coed and spanky professor fantasy is alive and well in both kinky and mainstream culture. “Please Sir, I’ll do anything to pass your class.”

With so many adult schoolgirls getting their bottoms smacked out there, it only makes sense that some of the more dominant young ladies among them would turn the tables on their stuffy male instructors and give the louts a taste of their own discipline.

In today’s free NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from video producer Clare Spanks Men, Anika Albrite plays a no-nonsense coed who doesn’t appreciate the unwanted advances from her skeevy male tutor. Unless the pervert submits to corporal discipline across her lap, Anika warns, she’ll report him to the proper authorities.

The F/M spanking begins with Anika slapping her tutor’s bare buns with the flat of her hand. No doubt that stings a bit, but then the obnoxious jerk’s punishment really heats up as Anika employs a long-handled wooden spoon. That gets his attention, to be sure!

The beautiful and quietly stern Miss Albrite isn’t finished making her point, however. She’s also packing a stout wooden paddle just for situations like this and puts it to good use ensuring that her troublesome tutor is suitably punished for his behavior.

We should add here that sexual harassment in the real world is entirely unacceptable and no human being should have to endure it under any circumstances. In the context of a mutually agreed upon spanking scenario, however, it certainly provides ample justification for a Toppy lady to spank the tar out of a deserving male lowlife. Especially if he was getting a bit grabby.

To see more photos of Anika teaching her tutor a thing or two about proper behavior, click on the button below to view the full gallery from this very un-PC college girl F/M spanking fantasy.

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