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We haven’t seen our old friend Razor Ryan in a few years, but we remember him fondly as a rather cheeky male spankee with zero body fat and an exceptionally high pain tolerance. Razor’s penchant for smart-ass spanking banter definitely got him into trouble though, when he appeared with uber-disciplinarian Christine Justice in the classic F/M spanking video Justice for One (pictured above).

“Sizzlingly sexy Christine Justice gives the most exuberant and enthusiastic performance of her impressive career as a spanker of men as she faces her most incorrigible bad boy ever in Justice for One,” reads the video description. “This is a must-have for every fan of hard hitting and serious corporal punishment.”

Sadly, while researching Christine’s history we came across a blog post written by Eve Howard of spanking video producer Shadow Lane, who reported that her friend had passed away in August of 2016.

Eve wrote that Christine Justice “was a law unto herself, a bit of a pirate, a strong woman who lived by her own rules and practiced self-reliance her entire life.” She added “Chris was tough and uncompromising, but she had a keenly irreverent sense of humor and loved having fun and raising hell. There will certainly never be another like her.”

Christine performed as a Top in four Shadow Lane videos, including the CFNM corporal punishment film Domestic Discipline (above). She was also one of NuWest’s famous Leda Ladies, forever enshrining her in the pantheon of F/M spanking superstars.

The video description for Domestic Discipline reads in part, “Presenting a classic female dominant-male submissive scenario starring the irrepressible Christine Justice as a working wife who finds more than one reason to strictly discipline her lazy, self indulgent, out of work husband through the time honored means of over the knee spanking, hard paddling, merciless razor stropping and stringent birching. In the most severe corporal punishment video we’ve ever filmed, the sternly relentless domestic discipline and entertainingly trenchant scolding administered by an extraordinarily dominant woman to a typically negligent man will leave you gasping with astonishment yet grinning with approval.”

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