Spanking Drawings

CFNM Spanking Fantasy

Wife Spanking Her Husband“Never go to bed angry,” is often touted as one secret to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Every couple experiences their share of disagreements, obviously, but conventional wisdom seems to recommend nipping minor issues in the bud before bedtime, rather than allowing any ill will to simmer overnight.

While perhaps not practical in the vanilla world, today’s original piece of F/M spanking art suggests that nightly spankings from the lady of the house might be one strategy for resolving marital discord before the end of each day. Even if the hubby in question hasn’t made any obvious transgressions, a maintenance spanking before bed should help keep him on his best behavior.

It should also be noted that today’s illustration portrays CFNM (clothed female, nude male) spanking. The husband being disciplined appears to be fully naked and ready for bed, while his dominant spouse is dressed for night on the town. Perhaps she’ll be meeting her girlfriends for drinks after she tucks her punished hubby under the sheets.

Intimate partners engage in consensual adult F/M spanking for all sorts of reasons, ranging from light sensation play in the bedroom all the way to deeply rooted 24/7 domestic discipline relationships. Depending on the nature of their spanking activities, some partners can indeed find catharsis in being “disciplined” for offenses past or present, real or imagined.

The lines between fantasy and reality can often become blurry during consensual adult spanking play. Even spanking roleplays, which on the surface may appear to be nothing more than mutually shared make believe, can still tap into very real feelings and elicit some powerful emotional responses.

Having said that, we’ll end this line of thought with a personal opinion-slash-observation. Should couples use spanking to resolve their real-world disagreements? Unless they’re in very well-defined, lifestyle domestic discipline relationships, we’d say obviously not.

On the flip side of the coin however, can spanking play create real feelings of catharsis, wellbeing and forgiveness in perfectly rational adults who know they’re participating in a well-orchestrated fantasy? Absolutely it can.

Clear as mud? Good. Then our work here is done.