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Wife Spanking Husband Fantasy with Miss Lina

Acclaimed disciplinarian and Nordic goddess Miss Lina, namesake of the spanking video website Lina’s House of Discipline, graces us with yet another entertaining and educational F/M Spanking Gallery, this one entitled Dirty Boots on the Bed.

While engaging in consensual adult spanking play obviously doesn’t require any pretext, many participants do enjoy structured scenes or fantasies where the spankee is ostensibly being “punished” for a particular reason, wether it be an actual transgression or a strictly make-believe offense.

In the case of Dirty Boots on the Bed, the hapless male spankee is disciplined for his blatant disregard for the bed linens, and Miss Lina makes certain that his punishment fits the crime. Stripped of his clothes, the inconsiderate scoundrel must assume the position on the very bed he sullied with his muddy footwear.

Employing what appears to be the textured sole from an actual man’s leather boot, Miss Lina delivers poetic justice to the offending male. As the spanking fantasy progresses, Miss Lina moves on to different implements, including a black leather strap and a rather narrow and rigid tan leather paddle, just perfect for applying precision strikes to the target area.

It’s good to note that while Miss Lina spanks her play partner, the bed is comfortably supporting his weight and also raising his body, providing a stable platform for the scene. Miss Lina at times directs her spankee raise up onto all fours, or has him lie flat so that she can use her own body weight to pin him down. She’s also free to simply circle his prone, elevated body like a predator, looking for novel directions from which to smack his tingling backside.

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