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CFNM Belt Spanking

In the hierarchy of traditional domestic discipline implements, the leather belt ranks right up there with the wooden hairbrush and the kitchen spoon when it comes to punishing ill-behaved adult males. Belts have been whipping sense into naughty male bottoms for generations, though as spanking implements they do require some measure of skill to apply accurately.

CFNM Belt Spanking

In honor of the disciplinary utility of the humble leather belt, we’re pleased to share promotional F/M spanking photos from the movie Take It From Eve, produced by the groundbreaking spanking content studio Shadow Lane. Here is the official synopsis from this two-act domestic discipline drama.

Eve is pleased with her new houseboy Billy’s efficiency and delighted to accept his offer of a foot massage after a busy day on her feet. But she warns him three times not to tickle her — Eve hates being tickled — before going ballistic on him for ignoring her orders and tickling her anyway.

Pulling him across her lap, Eve retrieves her favorite hairbrush from her purse and indignantly spanks her smart aleck employee over his jeans. But soon his pants and boxers come down presenting the perfect target area, a bare bottom, for Eve’s hand and hairbrush.

Not satisfied that her bad boy has been thoroughly punished for his effrontery, Eve bends Billy over the couch end and reddens his tight buns even more deeply with a leather paddle. Finally, with a nod towards the nostalgia in every spanker’s heart, Eve instructs Billy to assume the face down position on her sofa for a good, old-fashioned butt whipping with a doubled-up leather belt.

As Billy has never been spanked before, he feels every swat keenly, whimpering, whining and howling with pain throughout his entire ordeal. Traditional over-the-knee spanking and vigorous corporal punishment with paddle and belt highlight Eve’s first video spanking a young man for Shadow Lane and her co-star could not be better suited to his role as submissive but slightly mischievous houseboy.

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