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F/M College Spanking Fantasy

While many domestic F/M spanking fantasies take place in the home environment, an imaginary classroom setting is also a very popular backdrop for consensual spanking games, particularly those involving more institutional-type corporal punishments. Playing the role of a no-nonsense lady …

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F/M Spanking Talk: The Vintage Hairbrush

Most male bottoms have a love/hate relationship with the wooden hairbrush. As one of the iconic domestic spanking implements, the brush is an important prop in many classic F/M spanking scenarios. However, the intensity of a real hairbrush spanking can …

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Spanking Your Man

It’s been said that the human brain is our most powerful sex organ and that a healthy and fulfilling sex life is a major component in building a happy, long-term relationship. There are probably as many different theories about the …

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Paddle Spanking Fantasy

Some amateur F/M spanking scenes have an air of authenticity that’s just hard to replicate in more scripted productions. Case in point, the fun-sized, domestic discipline video entitled F/M Hard Bedroom Spanking. The clip’s description reads as follows: “You’ll find …

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F/M Corporal Punishment Play

Legendary disciplinarian and corporal punishment connoisseur Nina Birch stars in this cheeky and NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Vixen Ladies, in which she corrects a male underling through the use of hand spanking, paddling and traditional English caning. Strict and …

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F/M Spanker Gigi Allens

Tall, strong and beautiful Australian model Gigi Allens plays a no-nonsense lady boss in this NSFW F/M Spanking Gallery from Clare Spanks Men. Miss Allens offers her underperforming male worker a choice: either hit the road or submit to her …

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