F/M Spanking Videos

KJ’s F/M Spanking Play Interview

While KJ and her husband greatly enjoy casual adult F/M spanking play, they’ve also mutually agreed to engage in a lifestyle domestic discipline relationship, where KJ’s fortunate hubby gets spanked whenever he breaks an agreed-upon rule or shirks his assigned …

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Free Strict Miss Spanking Movies

If you’re a connoisseur of traditional domestic discipline play, we’ll think you’ll greatly enjoy this collection of complimentary, full-length F/M spanking scenes, courtesy of Strict Miss, an esteemed producer of quality Femdom spanking content. There are four free spanking movies …

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English Governess Caning Clips

We’re very pleased to present the following trio of kinky treats for all you fans of strict, traditional English discipline. Just click on the photos or links below to enjoy three full-length Femdom caning scenes, featuring a trinity of stunning …

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