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Wife Spanking Husband Art

One of the many wonderful things about consensual adult F/M spanking play is that no matter how pronounced the size difference is between female Top and male bottom, the lady in charge should typically have no problem giving her spankee …

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Wife Caning Husband Art

A prominent spanking video performer and published author of several spanking erotica paperbacks once shared with us that while she loved the afterglow of having been caned, she hated the ordeal of actually receiving a caning. However, she added, if said …

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Dormitory F/M Spanking Art

Along with a penchant for looking up the word “spanking” in the dictionary, corporal punishment fetishists who grew up in the pre-internet era often recall having the feeling of “being the only one,” not realizing that there were literally millions …

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CFNM Spanking Fantasy

“Never go to bed angry,” is often touted as one secret to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Every couple experiences their share of disagreements, obviously, but conventional wisdom seems to recommend nipping minor issues in the bud before bedtime, rather …

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Bedtime F/M Spanking Play

With all of her responsibilities, the lady of the house may not wish to deal with her husband fully and immediately every time he earns himself a bare-bottom spanking. In some cases she may find it more convenient to defer …

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Date Night F/M Spanking

We think that most happy couples would agree that simple courtesy is one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship. On date night, for example, both spouses should make every effort to be showered, dressed and ready to go at …

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