Amateur F/M Spanking Videos

Prepare to Be Spanked

Pre-spanking anticipation is one of the more delicious aspects of adult domestic discipline play, particularly in the final moments before punishment is actually administered. Butterflies in the stomach coupled with an almost sensual tingling in the buttocks are common symptoms …

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CFNM OTK Paddling

From the days when Super 8 spanking films were purchased via mail-order catalogs and then delivered clandestinely through the USPS (and perhaps even before that), adult F/M spanking content producers have been cranking out movies and clips for their niche …

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CFNM Spanking Session

Just the act of draping himself across his lady’s lap can be a delicious experience for the male spankee, filled with anticipation, excitement, a dash of fear and a wonderful sense of vulnerability. As any well-spanked man can tell you, …

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