Cassie’s F/M Spanking Play Interview, Part I

NYC spanking enthusiast Cassie has tanned legions of willing adult bottoms as a friendly-but-firm play partner, a versatile professional disciplinarian and has even assumed the role of stern lady spanker in several adult corporal punishment videos.

In the first installment of her two-part interview, Cassie shares her thoughts on consensual adult F/M spanking play, describes some of the typical scenarios that her male bottoms enjoy, and also reveals which corporal punishment implement she likes using most of all.

Here are a few appetizers from Part I of Cassie’s F/M Spanking Play Interview. To hear this skilled spanking roleplayer discuss corporal punishment and domestic discipline games in her own words, just click on the media player above.

“These days, with a lot of TV shows depicting spanking and 50 Shades of Grey and number of other books that have come out in the genre, I think that a lot of couples are accepting that it’s normal to have spanking play in their love lives.”

“Spanking is probably one of the more common games that couples play in the bedroom and I think that it really has become quite accepted in the last 10 years or so.”

“A lot of my friends that I top, they like roleplays and a variety of scenarios. The reason for the spanking is all over the place. It could be anything. And then the feel of the spanking is all over the place too. Sometimes they’re bratty, sometimes they’re very obedient and contrite. It really varies.”

“Sometimes people ask what the difference is between a play spanking and a real spanking. They also ask, is there such a thing as a real punishment? I believe we’re all adults and the punishment you see within spanking play is all just part of the sexual game that we’re playing here.”

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