Cassie’s F/M Spanking Play Interview, Part II

Welcome to the second half of our enlightening conversation with NY spanking enthusiast, spanking video performer and professional disciplinarian Cassie. In this installment, Cassie talks about the challenges of dealing with bratty bottoms during consensual adult F/M spanking games and she also reveals some of the phrases and techniques she likes to use with her spanking play partners.

Here’s a little enticing bit of transcript from Cassie’s somewhat NSFW audio interview, which you can listen to simply by clicking the media player above (if you’re in a private space or are brave and have headphones).

“One of the things that I like to do when I play is I’ll have one particular toy – usually it’s a paddle or something wooden – that I won’t use during the normal part of the scene. I’ll put it aside and I’ll say, ‘This is for, if you act up. If you’re not obedient, you’re going to feel this paddle.’

“This is very helpful when I have someone who’s bratty, because it’s like an additional punishment on top of the original punishment. I may start off the scene by giving them one or two strokes with it, just to show them how it feels, and then I’ll have the toy within view to encourage them to be respectful and to be obedient.”

Our thanks to this wonderful lady and experienced disciplinarian for sharing some of her thoughts on consensual adult F/M spanking play. As Cassie explains, “I’ve come to accept that it’s just something that I need in my life, and most of my partners have also come to this acceptance.”

Use the player above to hear Cassie talk about adult F/M spanking and corporal punishment play in her own words. And if you haven’t listened to Part I of her interview yet, you’ll find it archived in the F/M Spanking Interviews section of this website.