Femme Fatale Caning

Disciplinarian Miss Cassie Hunter

Today we’re very pleased to showcase several free Femdom corporal punishment galleries and video clips featuring one of our all-time favorite spanking video stars, the gloriously strict Miss Cassie Hunter.

This hard-hitting collection of Cassie Hunter scenes comes to us courtesy of Femme Fatale Films, which explores a wide range Femdom and fetish activities. The website definitely caters to fans of Dominatrix/slave dynamics, but also features a number of delicious domestic discipline and office punishment scenarios, which are consistently well crafted and quite authentic in their severity. Cassie appears in over two dozen of the website’s videos, but we’ve cherry picked just a few to preview here.

The venerable spanking blog F/M Spanking World published an interview with Cassie a few years back, elements of which we are shamelessly reposting here for your enjoyment (with permission).

“I would describe myself as a CP enthusiast,” Miss Hunter says, “but I can’t say that I was born with the kink. I’ve always been very bossy and dominant, however, even from a young age.”

Tall and athletic, with long, strong limbs, one could say that Cassie was almost perfectly engineered to spank male bottoms. “OTK spankings are easy for me. Even prolonged ones,” she says. “I have a lot of upper body strength, so persuading you over my lap is never too difficult. However I’m not a fan of pat-a-cake spankings. To me, a spanking should be thorough!”

When asked if she has ever made a grown man cry, Cassie replies “Yes, through a combination of psychological and physical torture and torment. Not everybody gives themselves over completely like that though, so it is a rare occurrence.”

Click on the various photos in this article to witness some very intense punishments administered by the magnificent chastiser of men Cassie Hunter. Just be aware that some of the scenarios might not appeal to all CP enthusiasts, depending on your personal fantasies and preferences.

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